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We offer a wide range of Assisted Reproductive Technologies including IVF and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection), Embryo and Sperm Cryopresevation, Intrauterine inseminations (IUI), ovulation induction, Co-Culture (Artificial Uterus). Also other micromanipulation methods (assisted hatching, defragmentation, blastomer biopsy), epididymal or testicular sperm aspiration/extraction (PESA, TESA, TESE or micro TESE) are carried out in our laboratory.

 We generally prefer day 5 (blastocyct) transfer with high pregnancy rates, potential for very low multiple birth risks.. You will have the benefits of well-trained and English-speaking physicians and support personnel and what’s more, you will pay just half the cost of comparable Western IVF clinics.

In our Clinic, we have been performing around 1000 IVF/ICSI cycles, more than 200 endoscopic procedures ( laparoscopies and hysteroscopies ), around 100 micro TESE and TESA operations per year in the same institution.

Let us help you to have a healthy new baby as soon as possible with no waiting list. We pride ourselves on giving this opportunity to even the most challenging of patients.

Why Medicana International Ivf Center ?

Throughout the years, Turkey has become one of the leading fertility tourism destinations among Europeans and Americans seeking IVF or other methods of assisted reproductive technologies. With the internationally recognised fertility clinics and highly qualified IVF specialists, fertility treatment in Turkey has excellent success rates.

There is no waiting list for IVF treatment in Medicana – patients are able to make an appointment and travel to Turkey at a time that is suitable and convenient to them. Patients requiring IVF may begin treatment with fertility drugs in their home country before travelling.

The Medicana International Istanbul Hospital on this website have extensive experience in in vitro fertilization. Besides, the costs of IVF procedures inMedicana are significantly cheaper than the US or EU and we also offer patients financial help when repeating unsuccessful trials.Most fertility specialists in Turkey have been educated and trained in the EUor the USA, and have many years of experience working with foreign couples.

As a transfer policy, we prefer to give two embryos to the patients whose older than 35 years old and whose failed twice or more in their previous attempts. We generally transfer blastocysts and perform routinely assisted hatching andIMSI ( special sperm selection technique) procedures.

Request an infertility treatment quote below in Turkey. Your request will be answered by our specialists as soon as possible.


Gynecologist, Head of Department, Professor Dr. Selman Lacin graduated from the Faculty of Gulhane Military Medical Academy In 1988 and was a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Izmir Dokuz Eylul University in between 1991 and 1996.

Prof. Dr.Selman Laçin, began as an assistant professor at the University of Celal Bayar of Manisa, has taken the degree of Associate Professor in 2002. After 8 years in academic medicine, he moved to Istanbul. 

He worked for different periods in Swedish Karolinska Institute,Department of OB / GYN, Israel Tel-Aviv University, assisted reproduction and IVF Center and Gulhane Military Medical Academy of IVF Center .

There are over 80 articles published in scientific journals at home and abroad and scientific contribution to the writing of the many books.

Between 2004 – 2007, he worked at the Istanbul Memorial Hospital IVF Center.
He established and directed the Medical Park Hospital IVF Center during 2007 – 2008. He began working in Medicana Health Group in 2008.

Professor Laçin is the member of many professional and social organizations at home and abroad.His main areas of interest are Hormonal Disorders, Infertility, IVF and Gynecologic Endoscopic (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) Surgery. 

Prof. Dr. Selman Laçin is now the director of the Medicana International Hospital IVF Center in Beylikduzu, İstanbul, Turkey

Op. Dr. Aysun Guney Laçin , Completed her primary and secondary education in Denizli and graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Medicine in Izmir in 1989.

She moved to Istanbul again and between 2007- 2008, she worked at Medical Park Hospital IVF Center . She has been working actively in Medicana Health Groupsince February 2008.She had the speciality of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Haseki Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul between1992-1996. She worked between 1998 – 2003 in Denizli IVF Center and 2004 – 2007 in Istanbul Memorial Hospital IVF Center . 


Prof. Dr. Volkan Baltacı

Volkan Baltacı was born in Ankara in 1964. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1988. He completed his Medical Genetic Specialization training in 1993 and became an associate professor in 1999. He completed his PhD in Toxicology in 2003. Dr. Baltacı has performed prenatal genetic diagnostic tests to more than 16.000 patients since 1993, and since 1998 he has focused his studies on reproductive genetics and preimplantation genetic diagnosis and published many local and foreign articles on this subject. Volkan Baltacı worked as a faculty member in the Department of Medical Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine of Atatürk University (Erzurum) and Başkent University (Ankara), respectively. Volkan Baltacı worked on reproductive genetics and preimplantation genetics diagnosis at Baylor College (Houston-USA) and then worked as the Embryology Laboratory Responsible in Ankara University IVF Unit. He was promoted to professor in February 2008. Dr. Volkan Baltacı works in the Department of Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul Bilim University. He is married and has two children.

Dr. Ali Feyzullah Şahin graduated from the Medical School of Ege University, İzmir in 2002 and was a Urology resident in MH Tepecik Training and Research Hospital in İzmir between 2004 and 2009. After 2012, Dr. Şahin began as an assistant professor at Sifa University for four years. He attended in many courses and practices in Prag and Romania. He gained the FEBU diploma of European Urology Association in 2011. Dr Şahin‘s number of 30 national and international articles were cited more than 500 times and he was chapter writer of 3 books. Dr Şahin began to work in the International Medicana Hospital in İstanbul of Medicana Health Group since 2018.

Yelda Sertbaş was graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Economy. She worked in International Hospital between 1996-2008 as Patient Services Supervisor. Between 2008-2009, in Medicana International Hospital, 2009-2010 in Florence Nightingle Hospital, 2010-2012 in Kolan Hospital, she worked as Patient Services Manager.

In 2015, she has started to work in Medicana International Hospital as a International Patient Center Specialist. Currently, Mrs Yelda Sertbaş works in Medicana International Istanbul IVF Center as Coordinator for international patients. 

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