Day 5 ( blastocyst ) transfer

In our centre embryos are usually transferred back into the womb five days after eggs have been collected. This has been our routine practice for the last five years. With the development of new embryo culture media, it has been demonstrated that it may be possible to increase the success of IVF and ICSI treatment by transferring the embryo at day five or six after egg collection. These late stage, pre-implantation embryos are called blastocyst.

Which patients will benefit from a blastocyst transfer?

We often make the decision to transfer blastocyst depending on the number and quality of embryos available three days after egg collection. If we may not select the best two embryos for embryo transfer because there are a large number of rapidly developing, good quality embryos on day 3, we prefer delaying the embryo transfer to day 5 or day 6.
The embryo transfer procedure itself is the same.

How many blastocyst transfer is ideal for me ?

Patients having blastocyst transfers in our centre will only be able to have a maximum of two blastocysts transferred. This is because published data indicates that the chances of pregnancy following the transfer of blastocysts are high and therefore there is an increased risk of a multiple pregnancy.