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PICSI – Detailed Sperm Selection Technique

PICSI – Detailed Sperm Selection Technique
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ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is defined as a single sperm injection into the cytoplasm of an egg. The technique requires a single sperm with the best morphology and motility to be injected into the cytoplasm of an egg. Until now, visual evaluation of a single sperm has been the only available method for choosing the best sperm cell for egg insemination. Embryologists often have to deal with immature sperm cells. Such effects from these cells are evaluated at the same time during embryo development. Sperm cells with good morphology and motility may have other defects and may not be suitable for visual evaluation, etc. – DNA fragmentation, late development. Those defects affect the quality and development of the embryo as well as the possibility of miscarriage.

Using the latest PICSI technique (injection of the physiologically best sperm cell into the cytoplasm of an egg) it is possible to select sperm cells without visible defects. This method improves the selection of sperm cells by up to 98%. In this technique, sperm cells are placed into hyaluronic acid which will attach to mature sperm cells. Only completely mature sperm cells which have reached the last stage of spermatogenesis have developed attachment receptors for hyaluronic acid. Immature sperm cells have high DNA fragmentation, aneuploidy (abnormal number of chromosomes) and immature cytoplasms. Using the latest PICSI technique will increase the possibility of getting a successful pregnancy.

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