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PCOS and Infertility

PCOS is sometimes associated with fertility. In PCOS LH goes higher than FSH. Due to the low levels of FSH, many follicles will develop however it will not mature. These follicles which are present in ovaries form cysts once they become ataractic. Hence the ovaries seem to be polycystic. Follicles do not mature and that is the reason no eggs are released and subsequently there is no ovulation. Infertility is primarily caused by anovulation or lack of ovulation. Ovulation drugs (Clomid & metformin) by gonadotrophins help in ovulation or correcting the resistance to insulin.

Symptoms of PCOS

Some common symptoms of PCOS include an excessive hair growth in the face and body along with weight gain and, irregular and infrequent periods or absent periods. Ovulation is infrequent or mostly absent. The symptoms can vary from one woman to another and may also include obesity, high levels of cholesterol or even acne. There have been some symptoms of skin tags as well as extreme tiredness, or lack of mental alertness combined with depression, anxiety and decreased sex drive. Excess male hormones and infertility are also observed in some cases.

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