Patient’s Questions

I would like to know how much it costs to perform an ICSI including and excluding average hotel charges.Do you have an email address to send you my test results so you can advise me by emails on what to do before doing the ICSI

We would like to help you have your baby with ICSI in our Centre.
Our IVF Package contains the IVF/ICS procedure, AHA and IMSI in necessary cases, all hormone tests and consultations during follow up period. There are also many reasonable options for accommodation near to our Hospital. ( changing from 40 to 70 Euro per day ) We may send the details about Hotels if you want.
As an alternative; we may offer you a full package (includes the IVF/ICSI procedure including all blood tests, freezing the extra embryos, all the drugs and medications until embryo replacement, and also a 20 night accommodation in a flat and airport transfers. Flat is fully furnished and near to our Hospital (in walking distance).
If we will start your treatment at second or third day of your menstruation, it will probably last in 15-20 days with the embryo transfer.
Please send us the copies of all your medical records you have, (hormone levels, sperm analysis, HSG report, your previous treatments, etc..) before coming to Istanbul. We will check your tests and tell you the extra required tests if any.

Hi; we have had three cycles of IVF using ICSI in the UK. Prior to be referred for IVF I had a laparoscopy and some endometriosis lasered. ICSI was used as my partner had initially been found to have a low sperm count but at the time of our last cycle last year this was confirmed to be normal with abstinence from hot baths for a number of months! During the cycles they also established that I have low ovarian reserve (diagnosed via an AMH test). I have read in a number of forums about women with low AMH still achieving successful pregnancies using different stimulation protocols such as short phase and “natural IVF”. Our 1st cycle achieved no eggs with low stimulation of 150iu of menopur stimulation. 2nd cycle we got 2 eggs, both fertilised but no pregnancy this was on 300iu of Gonal F. 3rd cycle 375iu of Gonal F and three eggs, only 2 fertilised and were put back ? miscarriage, didn’t do a pregnancy test until 10 days after I started bleeding as fell into a deep d epression but what came away was not normal menstrual blood (grey/pink worm like tissue) and had severe menstrual cramping. Miscarriage suspected by doctor but no medical proof. During each cycle I have produced follicles in my left ovary but none of the follicles have contained eggs, I have also found it extremely painful being scanned on the left side to the point of crying in pain and suspect that I have a problem with that ovary. I have asked to be referred back to my gynaecologist to have further examination on this.
I am not ready to consider a donor egg option. Could you please advise what you would consider our best treatment options to be taking account of our history and what the cost would be, including the drugs. My friend Emily Bates had treatment at your clinic 5 years ago and had quads!!

We would like to try our best to help you have your baby. According to your medical history, it seems that it will not be easy for you to get pregnant but you must try again and again. As long as we can obtain eggs from you and make the babies in the IVF laboratory and transfer them, you may get pregnant. It is a luck that you are still 38 but probably next year you chance will decrease a little bit more which means you are also running against time..
Please note that 10 to 15 % of our patients are coming from abroad especially from UK.
To realise what we can do differently for you, we should understand your condition in detail. Please send us the copies of all your medical records you have, (hormone levels, sperm analysis, HSG report, details of your previous treatments and surgical operations etc..) to understand your medical condition. We will check your reports and tell you the extra required tests if any. Probably it will be better for you to use oral contraceptives for 30 days to prevent the formation of cysts which may interfere our treatment.
If you choose our Centre for helping you, during the treatment period, Mrs Aysan Candas, who is responsible for foreign patients will guide you for every aspect. There are also many reasonable options for accommodation near to our Hospital. We may send the details if you’d like.


Goodday, kindly inform me the cost and duration of ivf/icsi in your
clinic. I have had 3 failed ivfs here in Nigeria.My husband is diagnosed
with low sperm count.i would appreciate a feedback.Thank you

Thank you for the information you sent. It seems that you have a repeated implantation failure. For such a case, you should have some investigations and maybe some treatment accordingly. Also please do not forget to send all
the medical reports ( including the recent HSG ) to give us more clear idea about you.
Firstly, I recommend an diagnostic hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy to understand if there is any macroscopic and microscopic obstacle to interfere with the attachment of the embryo. Some treatment modalities may be discussed after that. Also a genetic analysis ( chromosome analysis ) from both of you would be helpful. Secondly, repeating an IVF/ICSI trial after mechanical endometrial stimulation with blastocyst transfer may be helpful for you.


Dear Sir/ Madam, I had tubal ligation 10 years ago. What would you advise? Ivf vs tubal ligation reversal?How much wouldA an ivf cost.? Can we do twins? Also, whats the cost of tubal ligation reversal? Thank you.

Tubal reversal operations certainly have some success in our Centre but it directly depends on how the fallopian tubes have been tied and/or cut before by the surgeon. So we cannot predict easily if reversal will work or not. But with IVF, for a lady who is at 36 years of age, the success rate is around 60-65% with two blastocyst transfer in our Centre. So, we recommend IVF for you.


Sir I want to do IUI for my wife after 4 days how much is the cost for IUI and how long it take time for that and do you have any room also for pation

Since the success rate for IUI is universally accepted as 10-15 %, it is not logical for you to come to Turkey from the long way for IUI. So we advise you to try IUI in your home country and then if it fails, trying IVF here in Turkey. The success rate for IVF in our centre with two good quality embryo transfer is around 65% .Certainly the decision is yours choose IUI or IVF

Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is our flight details. Kindly make reservation for a resident flat on our behalf for the first four days. The out come of the MTESE will determine if we will stay longer.
Thank you.

As I understand from your mail that you would like to have micro TESE operation first and freeze them if sperm are found. However, for the non-obstructive azoospermia cases, we generally perform micro TESE operation at the same day of egg retrieval. That means, we start the IVF treatment first with the female part and when the eggs are mature, we try to look for the healthy sperms for microinjection. Because the sperms found in the operation cannot always be stored if they are only of small amount. If the magnitude of sperms is enough for freezing, they may be stored and used for future IVF cycles. Otherwise, if we find scanty amount of sperms with micro TESE and freeze them, that does not guarantee that we will find the sperms healthy again when thawed or at a second urgent micro TESE and this may mean losing our chance for fertilization…
Certainly the decision is yours. We may perform the micro TESE operation directly and store them for future IVF cycles if the amount is enough for freezing.

Please do not hesitate to call or write to us for further information.