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IVF Calendar

IVF Calendar
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Starting IVF Treatment

Week 1
Day 1 on menstrual cycle Day 2 on menstrual cycle Day 3 on menstrual cycle Day 4 on menstrual cycle Day 5 on menstrual cycle Day 6 on menstrual cycle Day 7 on menstrual cycle
Call office to set up IVF consult with nurse Start oral contracep-
tives (OCP)
Week 2
Be on the pill anywhere from 10 days to 5 wks depending on patient’s schedule.
Week 3
You will be told when to stop pills at IVF Consult

IVF Consult anywhere from week 2 to week 4.
Injection class scheduled.

Week 1 of Injections
OCP OCP Blood test, ultrasound & start FSH FSH
Week 2 of Injections
FSH FSH FSH FSH Blood test, ultrasound FSH FSH Blood test, ultrasound FSH
Week 3 of Injections
FSH Blood test, ultrasound Hcg Injections No injections TVA
Start Proges-
Day 2-5Transfer then bedrest 72 hours of bedrest after transfer
Week 4 and after
Pregnancy test 2 weeks after transfer
OB Ultrasound 2 weeks after pregnancy test
Stop all medication at 5 or 8 weeks (we will instruct you).


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