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Is PGT for me?

Is PGT for me?
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Your specialist may recommend PGT if:

  • you are over 35 and have a higher risk of having a baby with a chromosome problem (such as Down’s syndrome)
  • you have a history of recurrent miscarriages
  • you have had several unsuccessful cycles of IVF where embryos have been transferred, or
  • your sperm are known to be at high risk of having chromosome problems.

How does PGT work?

The procedure for PGS is usually as follows:

1. You undergo normal IVF or ICSI treatment to collect and fertilise your eggs

2. The embryo is grown in the laboratory for two to three days until the cells have divided and the embryo consists of about eight cells.

3. A trained embryologist removes one or two of the cells (blastomeres) from the embryo.

4. The chromosomes are examined to see how many there are and whether they are normal.

5. One, two or three of the embryos without abnormal numbers of chromosomes are transferred to the womb so that they can develop. Any remaining unaffected embryos can be frozen for later use

6. Those embryos that had abnormal chromosomes are allowed to perish or may be used for research

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